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3-Star Hotel Pensione Trieste is located on Via Trieste 27 in Senigallia, just a few metres from the beach, and is one of the most prestigious hotels in Senigallia (Ancona).

Since 2006 the hotel has been directly managed by the owner's siblings who have also carefully renovated it to provide an even more comfortable place to stay. The hotel has been a successful business for over fifty years and is now being run by the third generation of the same family.

Hotel specializes in: incentive, CRAL, school groups, senior citizens.

The warm hospitality and the care taken in creating cuisine typical of the Marche region are just some of the strong points that distinguish Hotel Pensione Trieste. The hotel is just 300 metres from the sea and approximately 200 metres away from the town's main high street.


Hotel Trieste Senigallia is open 24 hours a day, so guests can check in/out at any time they wish. The hotel has a lift/elevator and two bars, one of which is inside, while the other can be found by the pool. As well as the pool, there is a good sized garden with an area reserved for children to play and photovoltaic panels.

Other services include: Free wi fii Connessione, Air-conditioned Rooms, TV room, well-equipped gym and a covered terrace where guests can read a book, relax or enjoy a cocktail. Parking is also available at the hotel (internal and external). All the above services are complimentary. However, at an additional cost you can also take advantage of the following services: hairdresser's, massages, laundry service and babysitting.

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Stretching along the coastline around the mouth of the River Misa, Senigallia was originally founded in 300 BC by the Senon Gauls and was the first Roman colony along the Adriatic coast. Also an important centre during Imperial times, the town was plundered in 400 AD by Alaric, but it soon recovered and became an important maritime town dependant from Ravenna.

Thereafter, Senigallia became subject of the Church, but in the 12th century freed itself to become a free town by actively fighting for its independence. The Port of Senigallia then became a commercial maritime centre for the Urbino Duchy and after the devolution of 1631, it maintained this function for the Papal State. As proof of its fame, in 1760 Carlo Goldoni entitled one of his plays the "Fair of Senigallia".