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The management of the hotel also has a travel agency and is glad to offer groups and visitors various guided and non-guided tours of the surrounding areas, as well as other interesting destinations in the Marche region.

Examples of target

ANCONA:28Km - Alt. 16m. - In Ancona you will find the Duomo of St. Ciriaco, located on the Guasco Hill and where it appears in all its magnificence - a truly unforgettable view. There is also a busy and popular port, mainly providing connections to the East, which gives the town a strong and bustling image. Together with the Airport of Falconara, the port is the main infrastructure for the development of tourism in the whole region.

CORINALDO: 20Km - Alt. 203m. - The village lies between two valleys where the "Verdicchio" wine is produced. St. Maria Goretti was born at Corinaldo. Monuments include: the Medieval town walls; the Church of Padri Cappuccini (with paintings by Ridolfi) and the Parish Church of S. Francesco.

ARCEVIA: 37Km - Alt. 553m. - A hill resort which is rich in greenery and pine forest, ideal for spending a tranquil and relaxing day. Monuments include: Collegiate of San Medardo (works of art by Luca Signorelli and Giovanni della Robbia); Town hall with parts dating back to the 13th and 15th century.

URBINO: 67Km - Alt. 485m - This academic town is a jewel of the Renaissance Period and is beautifully built on top of two hills in the middle of the valley formed by the rivers Foglia and Metauro. It is an historical town and the Palazzo Ducale is a creation of great architectural achievement that is in fact unique in Italy. Many of the paintings housed there are by such famous artists like Raffaello and Tiziano

MONDAVIO: 30Km - Alt. 280m. - Located on top of a hill in the Cesano Valley, Mondavio was an important centre during the Renaissance Period and nowadays it is still very interesting from both a historic and artistic point of view.

GRADARA: 43Km - Alt. 302m. - This small village is famous for its Rocca Malatestiana of Paolo and Francesca which lies on a hill between the Marche and Romagna regions, almost 15Km from Pesaro. Both tourists and scholars come to re-live the old times and walk around the the elegant courtyard or in the austere halls which preserve the period of the Italian feudalism.

LORETO: 51Km - Alt. 127m - Situated on a hill, Loreto has beautiful panoramic views of the sea and is partly encircled by a 16th-century wall. The small town is dominated by the famous Santa Casa Sanctuary which is amongst the most important sanctuaries in Italy. A homeland of faith and art.

RECANATI: 65Km - Alt. 29m. - Home town of Giacomo Leopardi and Beniamino Gigli and of many other artists and scientists. The town has several well-kept monuments, churches, palaces, art galleries, museums and libraries. Here you will also find the national centre for Leopardian studies which offers interesting artistic, literary and musical events.

SAN MARINO: 78Km - Alt. 652m - The smallest and oldest Republic in the world which has some excellent views of the Adriatic Riviera and the Romagna Apenines.

GROTTE DI FRASASSI: 50Km - A spectacular collection of caves which are rich in gigantic stalactites, stalagmites and small clear lakes: these are the indescribable images which nature offers the visitor. The Grotta grande del Vento (Great Cave of the Wind) is unforgettable.

SAN LEO: 108Km - This very old town in the Montefeltro region is only a few kilometres from the Republic of San Marino and lies 630m above sea level on an enormous rock. Its main attraction is the historical fortress which is located on an overhanging rock above an abyss. To top this off, there is a magnificent and unique view, which offers an amazing variety of tones and shades thanks to the complexity of the area's surroundings.

GUBBIO: 80Km - Alt. 529m - A beautiful and picturesque Medieval town which has kept its iron-like and male aspect. Main interests for the visitor: the Ducale Palazzo, the Duomo (cathedral), the Basilica of S. Ubaldo. Traditions and customs come alive again thanks to the famous "Corsa dei Ceri" (Race of the Candles) and the "Palio della Balestra" (crossbow tournament) which take place in May every year.

ASSISI: 120Km - Alt. 424m - Located just 40Km from Gubbio, Assisi is the birth place of St. Francis, and has kept many of its Medieval characteristics. Must-sees include: the house where St. Francis was born, the opulent Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, the prison and the monastery.